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the branding program for a new business launch

Building a brand instead of just a business means building a following by presenting your mission to your ideal client persuasively and consistently over an extended period of time.

kick | start is designed to:
1. articulate your mission in clear, dynamic language
2. precisely identify your ideal client
3. describe your brand personality
4. design key elements of your brand identity
5. define next steps to building a powerful brand

Grow a brand instead of just endlessly chasing the next sale.
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the complete branding program

For businesses ready for a comprehensive branding or re-branding effort, and the ability to carry it out, we offer the complete visual | voice program.  

visual | voice comes with:
1. in-depth interviews designed to elicit core values
2. research to help you identify your ideal client and match it to your brand personality
3. iterative design with extensive options to build a smart and empowering brand identity
4. copy writing to build a precise and concise brand vocabulary
5. complete brand style book defining your brand identity and how to use it
6. both print and web construction

these are the elements of a powerful and enduring brand that will bring you business.
If you're interested, drop us a note on the contact page. Click below: