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case history: naia healing arts

case history: naia healing arts

This sole proprietor sheepishly admitted during the Visual Voice interviews that she had some artwork in a drawer that meant a lot to her, but that she had never thought of as a brand identifier and that probably wasn't serviceable due to the quality of the rendition.  Probing deeper, we came to understand just how much this client identified with that work, and how empowering it was to her even to imagine using it.

The quality of the images were, in fact, very difficult to adapt to electronic media.  Ultimately, after getting client approval of sketches for the work, we recreated the images entirely.  The key to this story was the recognition, through the Visual Voice interviews, that the art existed, and that it was a full expression of our client and her purpose: that she felt incredibly empowered by our elevation of the work to an expression of her brand.

What empowers you?  What might give you the confidence and project the authority to rock your business?

This is what the proprietor of Naia Healing Arts had to say about the Visual Voice program:

“I help people heal their chronic pain by tapping into their Inner Joy. I help them expand into the person they want to be, and in so doing, their health improves, every time.  I struggled with how to represent this as an image, and so for years I used a picture of a dolphin, since dolphins represent joy for me. But in my conversations with Polly, it became clear that I needed to take my own advice :) I needed to express my own Inner Joy in my business card, as it is my visual voice.  So I took my artwork out of safe-keeping, and put it on my promotional materials for all to see. The process has been tremendously healing, and the outcome is stunning.”
Claire Elisabeth
Naia Healing Arts